Monday, March 25, 2013

The Lord Needs It


[Photo of ceramic tray]

When our new church began holding regular communion services, one couple volunteered a beautiful pottery chalice for us to use, but we had no tray for the loaf of bread. One day when they visited my house, they saw a colorful ceramic tray I had on my kitchen counter that matched this chalice perfectly.

“May we use this with the chalice?” they asked.

I was happy to oblige and, until we could buy pieces expressly for the church, we used my tray. It was an honor to give something of mine for Jesus’ use, so to speak.

When Jesus was planning the Triumphal Entry into Jerusalem, recorded in Mark 11, He sent two of his disciples on ahead and told them to find a colt. If anyone asked why they were untying it, they were to say, “The Lord needs it.”

Just a few days later, He sent Peter and John to make preparations for the Passover meal that we refer to as the Last Supper. Here they were to borrow a large upper room furnished by someone Jesus knew, as recorded in Luke 22.

What do you have that Jesus needs? A guest room? Some cash to share? A listening ear? A testimony of God’s grace in your life? An hour to pray? A day of fasting? A homemade meal? A piece of clothing or garment? Sometimes the sacrifice is large, sometimes small. Whatever Christ asks of you, it should feel like a privilege to share it.

When the little boy shared his lunch with Jesus, He used it to feed 5,000 people, as recorded in John 6. When God asked Moses to raise his rod over the water, the Red Sea parted to allow the Israelite nation to escape their captors—see Exodus 14.

We never know God’s purposes in asking us for ourselves, or those things that He has given us. But, when we allow Him free use of them, we can be sure that He will bless us and give us joy in seeing His use of them.



Monday, March 18, 2013

A Tasty Beginning


[Photo of a cup and a book]

Don’t you just love the smell of fresh coffee? I do. I’ve also become quite interested in reading the bags of coffee I buy and/or the boxes of tea in my cupboard. I read, A Robust Blend with a Captivating Aroma.

That has me thinking. Isn’t that what our Women’s Ministry should be? I looked up some definitions and came up with these from my trusty Webster’s:

Robust—having strength or vigorous health: firm in purpose or outlook: strongly formed.

Blend—to prepare by thoroughly intermingling different varieties or grades: to combine into an integrated whole.

Captivating—influencing by some special charm, or trait with an irresistible appeal.

Aroma—a distinctive pervasive and usually pleasant smell.

We at Redeemer Presbyterian Church pray that the women we touch will grow in health, strength, and purpose, intermingling our gifts and personalities to benefit all of us together.

We also pray that our witness for Christ will captivate with an irresistible appeal those who need to hear the gospel. And, as Paul said in 2 Corinthians 2:14, to “spread everywhere the fragrance of the knowledge of him [Christ].”

Consider this week how you, along with your women friends whom God has blended together, can represent Christ with a robust blend with a captivating aroma!