Thursday, February 17, 2011

David and Saul

The Psalms with all their varied loveliness, so adapted to human woe, their seraphic unfolding of the life of communion, could not have been, but for the inner crucifixion in the heart of the sweet singer of Israel brought about by the mad persecutions of Saul.
~F.J. Huegel

Thursday, February 3, 2011

More Pet Peeves

People who drive below the posted speed limit. This is especially true of old men in hats. If they have a dog on the front seat, it’s even worse!

Supermarket Rearrangements: Why are the Fruit Loops where the prune juice used to be? Can you help me find the toilet paper?

Meetings that are cancelled after I arrive for them. This is downright maddening, especially if they are cancelled because of bad weather!

Packing peanuts: Why do they stick to everything, and refuse to leave the box?

Those sticky advertisements that they plant smack-dab over the picture on the front page of the newspaper.